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    "She is very professional and truly a talented person! A very pleasant experience!"

    "I have had several procedures done with permanent makeup by Mariska and have been more than happy with the results. Most recent were my lips with great results. She is very professional and has a gentle hand. I highly recommend her services." Betsy Cabrey, RN.  

    "Very much enjoyed the service- thank you!"

    "Your hardwork has paid off- thanks for the best facial ever!"  

    "The service was on time and well done. I will definitely use this service again".  

    "I received permanent brow makeup by Mariska this winter, and though I was extremely nervous to do it, I am incredibly satisfied with the results. This was a big risk in my mind, but Mariska was brilliant, both personally and professionally. She eased my fears, helped me feel confident with the results, and demonstrated knowledge across a variety of topics during the treatment. I enjoyed my time and would trust her again in the future. Thank you!"  

    "Wonderful to have met her...and she was very informative regarding skin care!"  

    "Several years ago I had my eyebrows done by Mariska. She suggested a high arch thou I had no idea what that was at the time, it looked great. I have been to several other places and asked for a high arch and always ended up with an over plucked curve. Thank you for my brows today. I'm thinking about getting them filled in with some permanent makeup." Anne Fordock.

    "I can't say enough good things about Mariska. She has a vast knowledge of beauty and treatments, and I have no concerns about putting my beauty in her hands. I have just started her latest cellulite removal treatments and can't wait to see the results!" Sue Smith.

    "love it! U did a wonderful job & I recommended u to several people!" .

    "The experience was wonderful. Whatever you did left my face feeling so soft and this is the first time I've ever liked the way my eyebrows look,Thank you so much for any helpful tips you gave me." . 

    "Great atmosphere and excellent service. Will use them again".  

    "Great facial massage.".

    "warm reception and detailed explanations.".

    "Really great! Mariska knows what she is doing. Definitely worth the money!"  

    "Mariska was knowledgeable and friendly!". 

    "Excellent Service!!"  

    "Very pleasant and painless".  

    "Great experience. Loved it!!"  

    "Made an appt for next week. she is awesome". 

    "Mariska was very nice and knowledgeable. Mariska gave my brows a great shape. She does it without waxing, I really like that".  

    "A great find! We will return!"

    "Mariska is absolutely fabulous. She is very professional and knowlegable as well as gorgeous! I would highly recommend her to anyone." 

    "On time and the service was done within the 30 minute estimate."


    "Mariska was very nice and I am happy with my experience." 

    "Mariska was just wonderful. I will definitely visit her again in the near future." 

    "Nicely done, very professional.  Overall, very pleased!"  

    "Very professional. Very happy with her work". 

    "I thought Mariska was fabulous. I found her to be very knowledgeable and helpful. Her understanding of skin care is amazing. I look forward to my next visit." 

    "Does a great job." 

    "Was a great experience!" 

    "Thank you! You create a pleasant environment for relaxation and beauty."


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